"Rocky Road (Treasure Map Edition)" by Florey


Edition Details
Year: 2015
Run: 75
Technique: 8-color Screen Print w/ 2 Metallic Inks
Paper: 80# French Parchtone Relic Gold
Size (in): 23 X 35
Markings: Numbered

The Map Variant edition contains a subtle cartography treasure map varnish layer that brought the Goonies to this location of One-Eyed Willy's treasure. Laser cut to the shape of the map from the movie to give an authentic secret treasure map feel to it. A string can be attached to the pre-cut hole to further enhance the concept.

7-color laser cut treasure map variant with a varnish cartography secret treasure map overlay and on 80# French Parchtone Relic Gold archival paper. Roughly 23"x35" in size after cutting.